Ovation Framing is the ‘business name’ for Global Miniatures, Ltd. founded in 1996 by Molly and Sean Wheatley. In 1990 the team added its first employee, Molly’s mother, Jackie Drury. She and her partner became the owners in 2010.  Jackie has been transitioning out of Ovation over the past year managed the transfer and integration of all of the operations to Winning Edge, Inc.  Winning Edge, Inc. is a sister promotional products supplier that creates high impact awards and appreciated the craftsmanship and the event marketing memorabilia of Ovation’s lauded Global Miniatures line.

Art of the Craft.  Attention to Detail.

We build masterpieces to order.   We are artisans and logistics pros.   We deliver on time and on budget.

We’ll successfully guide you through our proven process (see testimonials) in the creation of a fabulous promotional or recognition gift for your most demanding event.

Let’s talk.  Here’s how we start.

Tell us  –
1)  what image(s) you would like included,
2)  about the event, project, client, and recipients (any background information on the event, client can be extremely helpful)
3)  the critical date – the date and place the gift products have to be delivered;
and, last but not least,
4)  the budget.

We’ll do the rest.

Our customers say we are their ‘go-to supplier’ for value, reliability, creativity and product awesome-ness.

  • Framed Prints Available in a Variety of Sizes and Layouts
  • Stock Artwork
  • Design Services
  • Unit Prices Range from $19.25(R)  to  $126.65(R)  depending on frame size & material
  • Finished Sizes range from 5.25” x 5.25”  to  12” x 14.5”
  • Free Spec Samples
  • 10 piece Minimum.

Our artists can create a custom painting of any image.
We convert original watercolor paintings into super-hi-resolution photo-prints.

Every framed piece is hand crafted and assembled with Made in the USA materials.

We print, cut, mat, pencil, glaze, tape, frame and package each and every piece in the USA.



Q. Is a digital image’s resolution the same as dots-per-inch (DPI)?

A. Yes. The resolution of digital images is generally expressed in dots per inch (DPI), or pixels per inch (PPI).
It is also worth noting that the over all quality of a digital image is generally related to the size of the image’s file. The larger an image file size generally means a better source image in terms of it’s detail, clarity or resolution, contrast, color gamut and the physical or printed size of the image.

The downside of large, detailed image files is they are often difficult to transfer especially as email attachments.

Another way to get your image files to us is to use an application called “Dropbox”. You can transfer files up to 5GB. Call us for getting and we’ll make arrangements for our file transfers. Call us at (800) 931-0535