Ovation Framing is the ‘business name’ for Global Miniatures, Ltd. founded in 1996 by Molly and Sean Wheatley. In 1990 the team added its first employee, Molly’s mother, Jackie Drury. She and her partner became the owners in 2010.  Jackie has been transitioning out of Ovation over the past year managed the transfer and integration of all of the operations to Winning Edge, Inc.  Winning Edge, Inc. is a sister promotional products supplier that creates high impact awards and appreciated the craftsmanship and the event marketing memorabilia of Ovation’s lauded Global Miniatures line.

Art of the Craft.  Attention to Detail.

We build masterpieces to order.   We are artisans and logistics pros.   We deliver on time and on budget.

We’ll successfully guide you through our proven process (see testimonials) in the creation of a fabulous promotional or recognition gift for your most demanding event.

Let’s talk.  Here’s how we start.

Tell us  –
1)  what image(s) you would like included,
2)  about the event, project, client, and recipients (any background information on the event, client can be extremely helpful)
3)  the critical date – the date and place the gift products have to be delivered;
and, last but not least,
4)  the budget.

We’ll do the rest.

Our customers say we are their ‘go-to supplier’ for value, reliability, creativity and product awesome-ness.

  • Framed Prints Available in a Variety of Sizes and Layouts
  • Stock Artwork
  • Design Services
  • Unit Prices Range from $19.25(R)  to  $126.65(R)  depending on frame size & material
  • Finished Sizes range from 5.25” x 5.25”  to  12” x 14.5”
  • Free Spec Samples
  • 10 piece Minimum.

Our artists can create a custom painting of any image.
We convert original watercolor paintings into super-hi-resolution photo-prints.

Every framed piece is hand crafted and assembled with Made in the USA materials.

We print, cut, mat, pencil, glaze, tape, frame and package each and every piece in the USA.


Testimonial-Marcy Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“I cannot thank you and your incredible team enough for all of the work you did for my client. He is thrilled, as is his VP.

I’m sure that the 1000 employees at the Lockheed-Martin SpaceSystems Center in PA will be honored to own this piece of art.

We were really in a pickle when I called you, and you calmly got us out of a major jam. I know I must have sounded crazy the first time I spoke with you.

You all did an amazing job for such a last minute rush. I am grateful for your grace and attention to detail.

You can be sure I will recommend Ovation Framing to all of my clients and colleagues!”

– Marcy

Testimonial-Kalli Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“As always – great job!!!  Looks terrific!!! 

Thanks again for the great work you do…you are always such a pleasure to work with.”

– Kalli

Testimonial-Paul Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“Prints arrived on time yesterday. Customer is very pleased with the end result!

The thin band of orange in the mat is the perfect touch!  So glad you thought of that option!

Thanks for your good work!”

– Paul

Testimonial-Michael Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“Thank you for all your hard work on this order.

I received an e-mail late yesterday thanking me from the client.

All the thanks goes to you and the great people at Ovation Framing.

To use her words, the "order arrived and it’s sensational!"

Thank you for making me shine!”

– Michael

Testimonial-Cathey Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“I wanted to let you know our client was very pleased with the frames, they said they were done way beyond their expectations.

Thank you so much for all your help.  We love happy customers!”

– Cathey

Testimonial-Bruce Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“I wish I could place orders like this with our other suppliers and sleep at night. This had many intricate details: frame, matting cuts, embossed plate with logos, and custom artwork.

My client has a keen eye, is very critical and is raving about how wonderful a job we did.

From the beginning, you did more than take our order. You guided us through making improvements to the customer’s project with thoughtful suggestions.

You’ve made me a hero!”

– Bruce

Testimonial-Mike Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“A HUGE Success!!! At least 40 people came up to me last night and remarked on how OUTSTANDING the frames were.

Adjectives included impressive, remarkable, professional, outstanding, classy, high quality, and the best they have ever seen!

Thanks to everyone for your hard work and passion on this project.”

– Mike

Testimonial-Joe Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“OK, you win the 'most awesome service' award of the year. Thanks so much!”

– Joe

Testimonial-Kirsten Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“You have been the best supplier I have ever worked with.

I hope to sell more and more of your wonderful line.”

– Kirsten

Testimonial-Helene Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“Thank you for all the support and help on this order.

You have gone above and beyond in your service and I can’t tell you how refreshing that is.

I will show your line as often as I can.”

– Helene

Testimonial-Tom Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“This wasn’t a big order, but for us - a first with your company.

Most importantly, we acquired a new client because of your working with us and turning this order around so quickly.”

– Tom

Testimonial-Paul2 Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“The work you did for me was outstanding. The customer was blown away by the finished product.

I suspect that a Global Miniatures product will be their special award year after year.”

– Paul

Testimonial-Roger Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“You are awesome and #1 on my list!”

– Roger

Testimonial-Margaret Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“I would truly rate Ovation Framing – Global Miniatures as one of the finest companies in the promotions industry and would recommend their unique products to everyone.”

– Margaret

Testimonial-Bricklie Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“Thank you so much for all the hard work and million art changes on the McKay-Dee frame. They turned out perfect and I appreciate all the time that went into them.

I look forward to working with you again.”

– Bricklie

Testimonial-Jennifer Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“AMAZING.  You guys rock.

Thank you!!!!”


Testimonial-Carole Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“Hi, I just wanted to let you know that we got rave reviews on the framed pieces – they are so very happy!

I thank you and your team so much for doing such a nice job. I really appreciate it.”

– Carole

Testimonial-Marilyn Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“Finally heard that the CEO of Marriot LOVED the magnificent picture of the Shelby.

It will be displayed in his car museum!!!! Great JOB!!!”

– Marilyn

Testimonial-Liz Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“I want to thank you for the hard work did on this order.

My customer just e-mailed me that the framed watercolors are beautiful.

You guys did it again! Thanks again!”


Testimonial-Corey Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“I received the Final Four frames today and they are GORGEOUS!

Your company did an amazing job with them and I am really excited for the NCAA to see them.

Thanks again for your willingness to make this project come to fruition.

Everything from meeting my budget to producing a high quality product and delivering on time… A++!”


Testimonial-Vern Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“This company is wonderful to work with.

They are on top of orders from start to finish.

Molly & Jackie are the greatest.

I highly recommend this company.”


Testimonial-Paula Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“On behalf of Inkwell Global Marketing I would like to thank everyone for your great customer service!!

The client received the frames and were thrilled with them. Your patience, response time and attention to detail were greatly appreciated.”


Testimonial-Irv Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“I would like to make a proclamation that Ovation – Global Miniatures should get the lifetime achievment award for customer service and ease of doing business.

I only wish I could generate more orders for you. Thanks.”


Testimonial-Raelyn Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“All suppliers should have the work ethic and honesty as Global Miniatures (= Ovation).”


Testimonial-Taryn Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“You guys are fantastic… thanks so much.”


Testimonial-Rosie Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“My customer just received the CTK awards and they LOVE them.

I know this was a real process and I appreciate all your hard work.

Thanks for making us look good.”


Testimonial-Ann Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“Everyone really LOVES this item. It is really a nice affordable keepsake.

Thank you.”


Testimonial-Astina Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“I tracked the package this morning, so I was happy to see that it went out yesterday.

I cannot thank you enough for the awesome customer service and the efficiency in which you and your production team got this order out for me.

I will certainly be rating your company in ESP 5 Stars all the way!!!”


Testimonial-Tanya Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for getting us out of this bind.

You are all truly awesome and number 1 on my list.

I know that AT&T will love their pictures.”


Testimonial-Michael2 Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“Thank you for all yur hard work on this order for my client at MPEG/LA.

I received an email late yesterday thanking me from the client.

All the thanks goes to you and the great people at Ovation.

To use her words, ‘the order arrived and it’s sensational!’

Thanks for making me shine!”


Testimonial-Kristen Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“I received the overrun for the Library of Congress Project – it looks AWESOME!!!

I showed everyone here in the office and we all would like to show this idea to all of our clients.

I appreciate the hard work and effort that you and your company did for this project. Thank you – thank you!”


Testimonial-Cori Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“Ovation Framing does exemplary custom products!

We sincerely appreciate your assistance on this project for Suzie/Spartan.

All the best.”


Testimonial-Jill Distributors' comments about Ovation.

My client wanted me to be sure to forward their sentiment regarding the Whittier Courtroom art pieces: 

They are very elegant and artistic! Bravo!
Thank you for all your hard work in making this happen.
And please be sure to pass along our thanks to the artist who did the renderings; they are very nicely done

They LOVED them and thanks so much for your efforts.


Testimonial-Kris Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“Just a quick email to let you know that my client was BLOWN AWAY!

She didn’t realize it was going to be so big – and she concluded that it was “gloriously large”!

I think it took her breath away.

She loved the way the printing looked as well, she couldn’t tell that it wasn’t engraved - Yes, it looked that good!

At some point I will go over and see “it” on the wall in person.

I was told pictures didn’t do it justice.  Again, many, many thanks!”


Testimonial-Marla Distributors' comments about Ovation.

“I got word late Friday that the CEO of Twitter, who was the recipient of the piece,
just LOVED IT!

Just wanted to let you know and thank you again for all that you did to make it happen for us.

Really appreciate it.”




Q. Is a digital image’s resolution the same as dots-per-inch (DPI)?

A. Yes. The resolution of digital images is generally expressed in dots per inch (DPI), or pixels per inch (PPI).
It is also worth noting that the over all quality of a digital image is generally related to the size of the image’s file. The larger an image file size generally means a better source image in terms of it’s detail, clarity or resolution, contrast, color gamut and the physical or printed size of the image.

The downside of large, detailed image files is they are often difficult to transfer especially as email attachments.

Another way to get your image files to us is to use an application called “Dropbox”. You can transfer files up to 5GB. Call us for getting and we’ll make arrangements for our file transfers. Call us at (800) 931-0535